Jul 18, 2018  
2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog

Associate in Arts to Bachelor of Arts in English Pathway

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GTCC English Transfer Pathway

For transfer to UNC-G, NCA&T or ASU.

First Semester

Total Credits: 16

Second Semester

Total Credits: 16

Third Semester

Total Credits: 16

Fourth Semester

Total Credits: 12-13

Total credits required for this pathway: 60-61


1 Schools noted above have multiple English pathways in place. Students should look at the pathways that are articulated online to decide if one of the more specified (programs such as creative writing, professional writing, or education, are more fitting than this more general English pathway).

2 NC A&T requires MAT-171, but ASU and UNC-G specify a UGETC math in the freshman year only.

3 All paths require a minimum of two semesters of a foreign language. A&T (pathway from 2014-2015 available online used) suggests it be taken in the second year and only requires two semesters, while ASU and UNC-G start it in the fall of freshman year and require four semesters.

4 ASU does not note that ACA 122 should be taken in their pathway, but it should be taken in the first semester for our degree completion and all other pathways.

5 NC A&T specifies BIO 110 or CHM be taken on their 2014-2015 pathway.

6 NC A&T and UNC-G specify ENG 241 and ENG 242 both be taken.

7 NC A&T and UNC-G both specify that a communications course be taken.

8 ASU specifies HUM 160 (Intro to Film) be taken as a degree requirement.

9 ASU specifies ENG 251, ENG 252, ENG 261, or ENG 262 be taken as a degree requirement.

10 NC A&T specifies ENG 273 (African-American Literature) be taken as a degree requirement.

11 UNC-G specifies that one of these history courses (HIS 111, HIS 112, HIS 131 or HIS 132) be taken as a degree requirement.

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