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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Limited Enrollment and Special Programs

Admission to Limited Enrollment Programs


Limited enrollment programs accept a specific number of applicants each admission cycle. While applicants may be admitted to GTCC, they are not automatically admitted to their program of interest.

Additional program-level admission requirements must be met in order to be considered for entry into a limited enrollment program. There are specific deadline dates by which applicants must have met these requirements. Once those requirements are met, a program application is submitted to the Limited Entry Programs Office by that deadline. More information about limited enrollment programs is available at


Limited Enrollment Programs

  • Nursing - Associate Degree Nursing, Practical Nursing, LPN to RN Bridge Program
  • Dental - Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene
  • Emergency Medical Science
  • Medical Assisting
  • Pharmacy Technology
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Radiography
  • Surgical Technology
  • Cosmetology
  • Health Information Technology

Selection Process

Program applications are typically reviewed by a Selection Committee, comprised of program directors, faculty, and staff. The selection process varies by program and is explained in the individual program’s admission packet.

Some programs use a “ranking” system, where points are earned for items such as coursework completed, related experiences, and current certifications. Other programs select applicants, based on the date their program-level admission requirements were completed and the program application was submitted.

Course Requirements

The course requirements for GTCC programs are subject to change each academic year. For GTCC certificate/degree requirements, a student must follow the program requirements either for the year the student is officially admitted to the program or the year the student is completing the program.

Student Progress

Students in limited enrollment programs are expected to complete the curriculum within the designated time-frame for the program.

Students who are unable to maintain satisfactory progress may, through a process of review, be removed from a program. This is especially true in regard to clinical education in which patient safety is involved.

Students in limited enrollment health programs must maintain a final grade no lower than a C in each course with a prefix of BIO, CHM, DEN, EMS, HIT, MED, NAS, NUR, PHM, PHY, PTA, RAD, and SUR. Health students making a D or F in any health or health related course will be suspended from the program at the end of the course in which the grade occurs. In addition, health program students who are not eligible to continue at clinical sites may be suspended. Health students on suspension have the right to appeal.

Advanced Standing

Students with previous training may be admitted to programs with advanced standing. This may be possible where students have partially completed similar programs at other institutions or where related one-year certificates have been completed. Students seeking advanced placement into limited enrollment programs should apply like other students. In the event they are offered admission, the student will undergo a transcript evaluation to determine his or her advanced placement.


Special Programs

eDegree Program

(336) 334-4822, ext. 50615

GTCC offers many degrees, diplomas, and certificates entirely online, though some instructors require proctored exams.  Students considering eDegree programs should carefully review the information on the eDegree website and complete the supplemental online application.

Greater Greensboro Consortium

Registrar’s Office
Jamestown: Sears Applied Technologies Building, Room 140 Enrollment Services
(336) 334-4822

GTCC is a member of the Greater Greensboro Consortium, which includes Bennett College, Elon College, Greensboro College, Guilford College, High Point University, North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The purpose of the consortium is to expand options available to students when a particular course is not offered on a student’s home campus or is not offered on a schedule that fits the student’s academic program. Students can take courses at the other institutions at GTCC tuition rates during fall and spring semesters only; the program is not available during the summer term.

To be approved to take courses under the Greater Greensboro Consortium program, a student must be currently enrolled, must be a degree-seeking student and must be enrolled in at least six semester hours at the home institution (GTCC). At least one half of the student’s load should be completed at the home campus. Consortium students may not register for courses at the host institution inappropriate to their degree or class status. GTCC students are limited to freshman and sophomore level courses. Consortium students may not normally take a course at a host institution if the course is available at the home campus, though exceptions may be made under extenuating circumstances.


Guilford Technical Community College and North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State Collage

Through a special admission process, students who wish to study Mechanical or Civil Engineering at GTCC and transfer to NC A&T to earn a bachelor’s degree can be admitted to NC A&T as they pursue their freshman and sophomore years at GTCC. Also, students can apply through the Admissions office for a special Co-Enrollment program with Bennett College.  Qualifying students will be enrolled at both schools and have a seamless transition to the BS in Social Work at Bennett College.