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2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Associate in Fine Arts in Music, AFA - College Transfer - CIP Code: 24.0101

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A 10 70 0

Contact:  (336) 334-4822 ext. 55080

The Associate in Fine Arts in Music degree shall be granted for a planned program of study consisting of a minimum of 60 semester hours of college transfer courses.  Within the degree program, GTCC includes opportunities for the achievement of competence in reading, writing, oral communication, fundamental mathematical skills, and basic computer use.

Upon successful completion of the Associate in Fine Arts in Music degree, graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the field of music and apply elements of musical theory, history, and performance.
  • Exhibit mastery of an instrument or voice at a minimum of an intermediate level.
  • Exhibit growth in artistry, technical skills, collaborative competence, and knowledge of repertory through regular ensemble experiences.
  • Apply knowledge of the important concepts and principles of the natural sciences, mathematics, history, social and behavioral sciences, arts, and humanities.

Course Requirements for Associate in Fine Arts in Music, AFA

Universal General Education Transfer Component (25 credits)

All Universal General Education Transfer Component courses will transfer for equivalency credit.  They include study in the areas of English, communication; humanities and fine arts; social and behavioral sciences; natural sciences and mathematics.

English Composition (6 credits)

The following two English composition courses are required.

Communications and Humanities/Fine Arts (6 credits)

Take MUS 110  and an additional course from the following:

Social/Behavorial Sciences (6 credits)

Select two courses from two different disciplines.

Mathematics (3 credits)


Total credits required for Associate in Fine Arts in Music Degree (60 credits)

Students are responsible for contacting their intended transfer institution to ensure they select appropriate courses.

Students must meet the receiving university’s foreign language and/or health and physical education 
requirements, if applicable, prior to or after transfer to the senior institution.


*One semester hour of credit may be included in a 61 credits Associate in Fine Arts in Music degree.  The transfer of this hour is not guaranteed.

Total Credits: 14

Spring Semester I

Total Credits: 14

Summer Semester I

  • Social/Behavioral Science Elective Credits: 3
  • Communications Elective Credits: 3

Total Credits: 6

Fall Semester II

Total Credits: 14

Total Credits: 12

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