Apr 02, 2023  
2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

ARC 221 Architectural 3-D CAD

Lecture: 1 Lab: 4 Clinic: 0 Credits: 3
This course introduces architectural three-dimensional CAD applications. Topics include three-dimensional drawing, coordinate systems, viewing, rendering, modeling, and output options. Upon completion, students should be able to prepare architectural three-dimensional drawings and renderings. Pre-requisite(s): C or better in ARC 114 .

Course is typically offered in Fall and Summer (when offered).

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)
At the completion of the course, the students should be able to do the following:

  1. Apply the concepts of orthographic representation to three-dimensional drawings.
  2. Apply the principles of isometric and axonometric representation to two dimensional models.
  3. Describe the importance of conceptualization as it relates to architectural design.
  4. Develop a small three dimensional structure.
  5. Manipulate a three dimensional model to create several two-dimensional conceptual views.
  6. Describe the use of architectural and technical graphics as a medium of communication.
  7. Analyze the use of Building Information Modeling in contemporary design development.